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Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Smartwatch Review: Specifications, Price, and Comparison

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Review

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Review: India’s No. 1 Wearable Watch Brand, Noise already launched its best-in-line ColorFit Pro 4 smartwatch. Noise claims it gives the best Bluetooth calling feature among all the previous models. It uses the latest Bluetooth version, v5.3 for calling purpose.

Noise started as a mobile back cover market, but later diversified in many smartphone accessories segments. Now it is the leading smartwatch brand in India and ranks in Top 5 globally in this line. Let’s deep dive and review the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 smartwatch and know if is it worth buying.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4: Specifications

  • Connectivity

Pro 4 offers connectivity to Android 9 & above and iOS 11 & above which is quite decent. Already mentioned that it runs on BT version 5.3.

  • Display

Talking about display, it uses TFT technology with a massive display of 1.72 inches, which makes message reading experience like none other. With 356 x 400 px resolution and 60Hz refresh rate make it very smooth while using.

311 ppi and 500 Nits brightness help you to use it without worries on bright sunny days. With 150+ cloud-based watch faces and customizable watch faces for every attire and occasion.

  • Sensors

Talking about sensors it has an optimized Optical Heart Rate Sensor for constant tracking of your beats. Built-in Accelerometer Sensor for tracking your spontaneous activities on your wrist non-stop. It also offers a SpO2 Sensor for tracking your oxygen level.

  • Battery & Charging

On your typical daily usage, it can work for 7 straight days and while on stand by mode it can work for 30 long days on a single charge.

It has a battery capacity of 290 mAh which is good for daily usage but it takes 2 hours for a full charge which is below average.

  • Physical Specification

Noise Colorfit Pro 4 has a dimension of 44.1 x 38.1 x 11.7mm and the watch case is made up of Polycarbonate. It weighs around 24.1 grams and has a 22mm strap which is made up of silicon and is very long-lasting. And the most mind-blowing thing is it comes in 7 vibrant colors which looks good on anyone. Last but not least, like every other smartwatch in the market it comes with IP68 water resistance.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4: Additional Feature 

  • Health Monitoring Features
    • SpO2 tracker: For tracking oxygen level
    • Steps Tracker: Tracks every steps precisely
    • Calories Burned: Keep track of your calories daily
    • Distance Travelled: Along with steps also mentions distance covered
    • Activity History: Keep a complete history of your activities on your wrist and phone
    • Sleep Monitor (with REM): Diagnose your sleep with this smartwatch
    • Stress monitor: New feature where you can know your stress levels
    • Female health tracking: This feature allows females to track their mensurational cycle
    • Breathe: Mode where you can work on your breathing
    • Sports Mode: Step up to Pro fitness with 100 Sports Mode

  • Smart Features
    • Call and SMS Quick Reply: You can answer calls from your wrist and also send pre-installed quick replies (but this feature is only available to Android users only)
    • Call rejection: You can also reject calls
    • Find my phone: This feature allows you to find your phone if you have lost it (but only works when connected with a smartphone)
    • Remote music control: Complete control over music like pause, play, next & previous
    • Weather forecast: You can see weather forecasting in this smartwatch (but the smartphone has to be connected to internet)
    • Stopwatch: Inbuilt stopwatch for fitness and other activities
    • Calendar Reminder: You can add reminders (to be done through the Noisefit application)
    • Timer: Inbuilt timer for sports and other activities
    • Alarm: Very accurate and loud enough to wake you up quickly
    • Wake gesture: This feature will help your screen to wake up whenever you turn your wrist
    • Vibration alert: Strong vibration allows you to get notifications while doing other things
    • Do not disturb mode: Use this feature when you want a break from your watch while wearing it
    • Screen brightness: Allows you to adjust screen brightness to various levels and is also pretty decent to use during bright sunny days
    • Functional Crown: You can scroll through menus, adjust volume, change watch faces, and a lot more with this rotatory crown

Noise ColorFit Pro 4: Price

It has an MRP of Rs 5,999 but you can get it for as low as Rs 2,999 from the official website by applying some coupons.  Click Here to avail this offer

It is also available on Amazon, Flipkart, and some other websites too.

Initially, it has been launched in two segments: ColorFit Pro 4 & ColorFit Pro 4 Max, surprisingly both have the same MRP. What makes the difference is their screen size, overall watch size, and connectivity.

Difference Between Pro 4 & Pro 4 Max

Pro 4 has a screen size of 1.72 inches whereas Pro 4 Max offers 1.80 inches. The dimensions of Pro 4 has 44.1 x 38.1 x 11.7mm whereas Pro 4 Max has a dimension of 46.5 x 40.5 x 13mm.

Pro 4 Max offers connectivity to much older Android and iOS versions but Pro 4 offers connectivity to the latest Android and iOS versions.

ColorFit Pro 4 has a Polycarbonate body whereas Pro 4 Max has an Aluminum body which makes it more durable but weighs double. Pro 4 weighs around 24 grams and Pro 4 Max weighs around 42 grams.

Final Verdict

Noise always offers the best in their smartwatches the same is with the ColorFit pro 4. But is it worth purchasing over other smartwatches? The answer is definitely YES. ColorFit Pro 4 offers an enormous amount of features at an eye-catching price level. At this price level and quality, no competitors are standing their ground to give competition right now. At this price level, it is the best deal currently in the market.

Some demerits of ColorFit Pro 4 as a review is never complete without proper justification. Price, quality, and feature are all point scorers for this smartwatch but what lacks in this is battery capacity and charging time. In some of its previous models, it also provided a 480 mAh battery which last longs for more than 45 days. The charging time is too naive as it’s 2022 and it’s pretty disappointing that this smartwatch takes 2 hrs to fully charge. Apart from that its the best offer you can get. Here is the complete review of Noise ColorFit Pro 4 smartwatch. Hope readers find it helpful!

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